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Vogue Parody: 73 Questions.

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July 20, 2019

Today's post is slightly different! Think of it as a break from the spooky and macabre for us all!

You may have seen YouTubers and bloggers completing their own version of the Vogue's 73 Questions, and today it is my turn! I find it so hard to talk about myself so I hope you enjoy this! 😂

I have been tagged by the lovely Naomi and Ashlee, so please go and check out their posts too! They are amazing!

Let us begin!

1. What is your usual Starbucks order? 

Hmm, I never go to Starbucks! However, If I go to a cafe I tend to just have tea. How very British of me!

2. What does your workstation look like right now? 

Quite tidy for a change! Haha. I have a rainbow mug with my pens in it, a sloth stuffed toy next to my monitor, an owl lamp, and my current notebook. I need it to be tidy to feel productive.

3. All-time favourite food? 

I say this all the time but if you really were what you ate I would be a cheeseburger!

4. Favourite author? 

I have always loved reading Jane Austen books, and they are my go-to for holidays. 

5. What do you think of open relationships? 

Not my cup of tea, but I know there are people out there that are in open relationships. As long as all the parties involved are happy then I don't see any issues with it.

6. What is your favourite video game? 

I don't know if it would be classed as a video game, but my favourite game ever is World of Warcraft! Played it for 10 years and I plan on going back for the vanilla servers soon.

7. Guilty pleasure treat? 

I love watching corny romance films from the '90s. I remember watching She's All That, Never Been Kissed,  and even Josie and the Pussycats.

8. Favourite movie? 

10 Things I Hate About You is my all-time favourite. I could watch it over and over and never get bored. In fact, I may watch it now!

9. Favourite book? 

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I always pack it when I go on holiday. 

10. Twitter or Instagram? 

Twitter hands down. For the longest time, I didn't use it because I had no idea how it worked. It is now my favourite way to connect with people. 

11. Desktop or laptop? 

Desktop. For some reason, I feel I get way more done when I work on my desktop. When I used my partner's laptop I never get anything done! 

12. Best advice you’ve ever received? 

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I always try to keep out of the drama and not be negative. I'm not perfect by any means but I try my best to stick to this advice. 

13. What project are you working on right now? 

 I am working on a few things but my blog is my main project, and I can't wait to see where it goes.

14. Favourite colour? 

I love the colour green! Sometimes I wish I had green eyes. 

15. Did you get good grades at school? 

I did well at school, but I would never call myself super intelligent. I left school with good grades and finished college with good grades too.

16. Dream job? 

I would say my dream job would be a criminal profiler. If you couldn't tell by my blog content I am slightly interested in true crime and the people that commit the crimes.

17. Played any sports? 

I have played many in the past but don't anymore. I really enjoyed playing netball at school but also played football and rugby.

18. Do you have a degree? 

No, and I do regret not going to University to get a degree. However, I can always do one part-time via the Open University, which I plan on doing very soon.

19. Nationality? 


20. What is your favourite kind of blog post to do? 

I like to do blog posts about true crime, especially the ones that require research so I am learning about as I write!

21. What do you like to collect? 

I collect fridge magnets and Funko figures with my partner. 

22. Describe yourself in three words

Sarcastic. Empathetic. Silly.

23. If you were a rapper what would your rapper name be? 

Not a clue! I have tried to think of something, but I am at a loss.

24. Who was the last person you DMed? 

It was my makeup artist for my wedding. Which I am freaking out about haha.

25. What’s on the top of your wishlist right now? 

I'd say a new pair of skate shoes if I think materialistic. Honestly, I don't have anything else in mind.

26. Hogwarts house? 

After doing the test I am a Slytherin. 🐍

27. How many tattoos do you have? 

As I write this I have three, but I am planning a sleeve to hopefully have completed next year.

28. What are you most grateful for this year? 

My family, friends and fiance. They are all supportive and accept me for who I am. That is all I want and I am happy.

29. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this month? 

We had our engagement photo shoot and my wedding dress fitting! 

30. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today? 

I have had a pretty chilled out day, but maybe the fact it is a lot cooler than it has been this week!

31. What’s the best thing ever? 

Just being happy.

32. Favourite season? 

Autumn. I love the colours, wearing jumpers, and cooler weather. I am not a fan of the heat.

33. Favourite holiday? 

Halloween! I love horror movies and anything scary, so this holiday is my favourite. I haven't dressed up for a long time but I have thought about trying out face paints.

34. Which fictional character do you relate to most? 

I'm not so sure about this, to be honest. I relate to a lot of fictional characters, but maybe Daria would be the one I would say I relate to the most.

35. Do you like surprises? 

Noooooo. NO, no, no. I freak out at the thought of it haha.

37. What’s a surprise that made you cry? 

Surprises don't really make me cry, which I know sounds bad. I freak out mostly.

38. What’s the best surprise you’ve ever given anyone? 

I tend to get my fiance surprises every now and then because I want to. I have a terrible memory but I think getting him a Funko Pop of CM Punk was the best. They are hard to get hold of and it took a long time online to get haha. He was so happy when I got it for him. 

39. Do you like muffins? 

They are okay, but I wouldn't say they are my favourite.

40. Do you cook often? 

I cook a bit, but I am more of a baker if I am honest.

41. What’s your favourite dessert? 

I love a good apple crumble with a ton of custard! 

42. Is there a dessert you don’t like? 

I don't like sticky toffee pudding at all. I just don't like sticky desserts...

43. Cake or pie? 

Cake! It's my biggest weakness.

44. What’s your least favourite food?

I don't like red meat and steak would be my least favourite food. 

45. What’s your favourite condiment?

Salad cream is 100% my favourite condiment. Could have it on anything!

46. It’s 4am on a Saturday night, what would you eat?

Biscuits. I can never get enough of them.

47. If you could teach a college class what would it be called? 

Procrastinating 101. 🤣

48. Best animated film? 

Who Framed Roger Rabbit and I found out they are planning another one! 

49. What has a guy done or said to impress you? 

My memory always fails me with questions like this. I don't think anyone has tried to impress me before.

50. The best thing to do on a first date? 

Do something fun you'll both enjoy and make sure you are still able to chat and get to know one another. My fiance and I went to play crazy golf and it was nice!

51. The worst thing to do on a first date?

Probably putting your date in an awkward situation. The worst dates I have had is when someone I just met has taken to me to a friends BBQ or their home for a coffee. It's far too soon and it made me feel super uncomfortable.

52. What’s the funniest pick-up line a guy could use on a girl? 

"Did you sit on a pile of sugar? Cos you have a sweet ass!" Cracks me up every time I hear it.

53. Best comic book character? 

My all-time favourite is Spiderman! 

54. What are three things that are always in your purse? 

Body spray, true crime books and a selection of pens.

55. Favourite drink? 

A good old fashioned cup of tea! 

56. If you could play a historical character who would it be? 

I am so bad at this kind of thing! I have no idea who I would be. 🙁

57. Kittens or puppies?

Both. I love them equally, so I feel bad picking just one. 

58. Favourite sushi roll? 

Not a fan of sushi. I have tried it before and it wasn't something I enjoyed.

59. What kind of lipstick do you use? 

I don't use it because I have really tiny lips, but I have tried to use it and it frustrates me. I recently bought a NYX lipstick, so we will see how it goes!

60. What kind of foundation do you use? 

I love full coverage! With my oily skin, I have started to use Estee Lauder Double Wear and it's amazing!

61. Blow-dry or air dry?

Blow-dry if I am going out, but I let it air dry if I am spending the day inside because it does my hair good to not be blow-dried every day. 

62. Who is your fashion icon? 

I don't have one. I am never on-trend or fashionable! Haha.

63. Favourite Disney character?

Copper the Hound in Fox and the Hound. His little howl melts my heart.

64. What are you doing tomorrow?

No idea! I don't tend to plan much on a Sunday, so based on my usual Sundays I will be writing, eating and drinking tea.

65. Movie you laughed the hardest through?

White Chicks comes straight to mind because I just remember Terry Crews raving with a whistle and glow sticks. That film was great!

66. A movie that made you cry? 

There are so many. It wasn't a movie, but Stranger Things 3 had me blubbering.

67. If you could sing a duet with someone who would it be? 

I am obsessed with Billie Eilish right now, but I can't sing so it would be awful on my part haha.

68. If your life was a song what would the title be? 

I've been thinking about this so much and I cannot think of anything. I suck!

69. What’s your favourite animal? 

I love pretty much all animals and it would be impossible to pick one single favourite. To list a few I like bears, anteaters, koalas, aardvarks, and giraffes.

70. Favourite illustrator? 

I don't know any illustrators. Sorry! 😕

71. The person you want to have coffee with? 

My grandmother because she passed away when I was a baby. I would love to meet her and get to know her. Sometimes I wonder what it would've been like if she was in my life, as my father always tells me stories about her.

72. A country you wish to visit? 

Canada is a country I have always wanted to visit and I finally get to see it in September! 

73. Best way to decompress?

To be on my own and watch something interesting or read.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! It took a long time to answer this because I suck at talking about myself! I can't wait to see my nominations do their own!
13 comments on "Vogue Parody: 73 Questions."
  1. Cheeseburgers are amazing!Anything you can cheese is good. My favourite colour is green �� I love the green heart emoji. 48. Just �� I love that film but slightly annoyed at the fact a cartoon character has more sexiness in one pencil line than I have in my whole body ��

    1. Haha I know, right? Jessica Rabbit makes me feel like a potato. Thank you so much for reading and commenting fellow cheese lover! :)

  2. This was so much fun to read! Is it weird that I pictured you walking around an imaginary house and talking to a camera like they do in the Vogue interviews?? ;D And your answer to #73 is the exact same way I like to decompress too!

    Emily | https://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

    1. Haha thank you so much! I found this so hard to do. There is nothing harder than talking about yourself...for me anyways. :)

  3. Very nice! Canada, wow, how was that experience? I want to do some traveling too!

    1. Thank you! We haven't been yet but I will definitely share the experience when we are back! Thank you so much for reading! :) x

  4. Thank you so much for the nomination! I did Pride and Prejudice at A Level so I’d love to reread it without having to study it so I could just enjoy the book! And omg they’re doing another Roger Rabbit, I loved that film when I was little! I love your list of favourite animals too!x

    1. Yeah, I was so shocked to see they were making another. I'm super excited! Thank you so much for reading and commenting! x

  5. Another awesome YouTube to Blog idea I've just come across, lovely post x


    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! :) x

  6. Aw, I think I like you. Well, except for that Spiderman stuff. Good luck with all the wedding planning. :)

    1. Haha! Each to their own on the Spiderman thing, but thank you so much! :) x

  7. I’ve been having trouble commenting! I hope it works this time! I had fun reading your answers! Thankyou for nominating me!


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