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Valentines Slay | 3 Serial Killer Couples

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February 14, 2019

Happy Valentines Day! The day of romance! The day of heart-shaped cards, bouquets of roses, and boxes of chocolate. Well, for most of the world it is. For me it means I get to write about couples that have killed together...as you do. 

There have been many crime loving couples over the years, and if I could write about all of them I would! However, I have chosen to share 3 couples with you that stood out to me for different reasons.

They are all wicked in their own way and their crimes equally as shocking. So without further ado, here are 3 killer couples that believed that couples that slay together, stay together. 

Attention! The content of this article or section may seem obscene or offensive to some readers.

The San Francisco Witch Killers

Michael Bear (previously known as James Carson) met Suzan Barnes after his family left him. They stated their reason for leaving was that they noticed a change in his behaviour and they became scared. 

When the couple met they decided to go traveling around Europe together, and after 2 years they moved to San Francisco. While they were there they became involved in drugs and mysticism. They both believed that witchcraft, homosexuality, and abortion were punishable by death. The two also claimed to be vegetarian Muslim warriors, and that they were called upon by a higher power to kill those people for their country and it's future.

They killed their first victim in March 1981 when Suzan said she got orders to kill her roommate Keryn Barnes. They stabbed her 13 times and claimed they did it because she was a witch. Their second victim would be a fellow farmhand they worked with called Clark Stephens in 1982. Michael believed Clark was a demon that had sexually abused Suzan so he shot him twice in the head.

Then in 1983, they killed a man called Charles Hellyar after he picked them up while they were hitchhiking. When they were on the road Suzan decided that he was a witch. This resulted in them all arguing and Charles stopped the car. When they got out of the car the altercation continued, and Suzan began stabbing him to death and Michael shot him. This all took place as traffic was passing by, and they were reported and captured by the police.

They were arrested, charged and convicted of the 3 murders. Their sentences were 75 years to life in prison. Their beliefs are still the same and it has been reported that they have shown no remorse for what they did.

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow

Image credit: Wikipedia
Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow met through a mutual friend in 1930, and it is claimed that when they met they became instantly smitten with each other. Bonnie was 19 years old and married to a convicted murderer, and Clyde was a single 21-year-old man.

Their crime spree began in 1932 after Clyde was released from prison and they started a gang together. The gang began a string of robberies with the aim of collecting money and firepower to free prisoners from Eastham State Prison. In April 1932 Bonnie was caught by the police and arrested, but she returned to the gang a few months later after she claimed she was kidnapped by them.

In 1932 and 1933 they added 3 more members to their gang. Clyde's brother Ivan joined with his wife Blanche, along with a man called William Jones. This brought their gang to 5 people and together they started a series of risky robberies. They had many encounters with the law and successfully evaded capture, but in November 1933 their luck ran out. Ivan would be fatally shot by the police, and they would capture Blanche and Jones. This meant that only Bonnie and Clyde were left.

Their robberies carried on throughout 1933, and the couples plan to liberate prisoners was executed in January 1934. They freed 5 prisoners from Eastham State Prison and 2 guards were shot during the escape. 

The couple are the most romanticised criminals in American history, and for a long time, the public cheered for them. However, all of this changed when they killed 2 patrolmen that they encountered on the road. One of the officers was a rookie on his first day on the job, and he was also about to get married. At his funeral, his fiancee wore her wedding dress. As a result, this made the public furious, and they wanted the couple to be caught dead or alive.

Image credit: Wikipedi
It wouldn't be until May 1934 that a team of 6 police officers from Texas and Louisiana would plan to ambush the couple after a tip off. They hid in the bushes and waited for the couple to appear. When they pulled up in their car together the police opened fire and the couple were killed instantly.

It is believed that they killed 9 police officers and several citizens during their crime spree.

Sara Aldrete and Alfonso de Jesús Constanzo

Adolfo Constanzo was a Cuban-American serial killer, drug dealer and cult leader. Adolfo was also a fortune teller and when he met Sara he introduced her to the world of witchcraft and dark magic. Sara became the Priestess of his cult and would quickly take part in the drug smuggling and human sacrifice.

Constanzo would kill drug dealers and use their body parts in his human sacrifice ceremonies. He would cook their bodies in a large cauldron called a nganga. Eventually Sara was made his second in command and was called "La Madrina" which means Godmother in Spanish.

Adolfo began to believe his magic was the reason that the cartels were so successful, and he wanted to become a partner. However, when he asked to become a partner he was rejected by the family, and after his request was denied 7 of the family members disappeared. Their bodies were discovered later and they had missing fingers, toes, brains and even the spine was removed from one victim.

In 1988 they moved to a ranch in the middle of the desert and the rituals and murders continued. They began killing rival drug dealers and even strangers to use their body parts for these rituals.

One day Adolfo needed a specific item for a ritual he had planned, so he sent his henchmen out to find him the perfect victim. His henchmen abducted a young American pre-med student called Mark Kilroy while he was on spring break in Mexico. They took him back to Constanzo at the ranch where he was killed by Adolfo when he tried to escape. It soon came to light that the reason he killed Mark was because he needed a superior brain for a ritual.

After the police picked up some of his followers they soon realised they were dealing with a cult and raided the ranch. It is here they would discover 15 mutilated bodies, and a cauldron that contained a dead black cat and a human brain.

Constanzo fled with his followers to Mexico City. They were discovered by the police when they were called to deal with an unrelated dispute. Constanzo thought they were coming to arrest him and he opened fire. Before the police could arrest him he ordered a follower to shoot him so he would not be caught.

Sara and 2 other members were arrested and convicted of multiple murders. Sara was given 60 years in prison for her part in the murders.

Happy Valentines Day everyone. 

I know this is not your typical valentines day post, but if you would like to read more about evil couples then let me know below! I will write more in the future and you can suggest couples in the comments. 😊

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  1. I've always found cults interesting, specifically how a person rises in power to the point that their followers would do anything to for the person. The story of Sara Aldrete and Jesus Constanzo is one I haven't heard before. I'll be doing some more digging now.

  2. I love stories like these (not to be creepy haha), I’d never heard of any of them. I find it so interesting to see their motives, because I just can’t understand why people would take lives for any sort of reason.

  3. Ooh this is such a fascinating post! Of course I knew about Bonnie and Clyde but hadn't even heard of the other two couples. I find this type of topic so interesting so thanks for a good read!

    Soph - http://sophhearts.com x

  4. Great article. I hadn't heard of the 3rd couple Sara Aldrete and Alfonso de Jesús Constanzo. You should check out David & Catherine Birnie, they were a match made in hell. Personally, I think Catherine was the dominant partner. I'd love to hear what you think.
    Keep up the great work :)
    Nicole http://www.tncrimechronicles.com

  5. Really riveting read! Just as well I read it in the daytime lol.

  6. Very cool post. I love your serial killer and murder posts. So awesome :D thanks for sharing.

  7. Love this twist on Valentines day, a nice break from the hearts and roses! Always find stories like this so intriguing, thank you for sharing!

  8. Fascinating stories, I already knew about Bonnie and Clyde but the other two are new to me. Thanks for sharing.

    Georgia - https://britvoyage.com

  9. Wow such a fresh twist on Valentine's, I've never seen another post like this. Sara and Alfonso, is so interesting it sounds so familiar to me I'm sure I've watched it on a documentary on Netflix.

    Shelly's Passport


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