*Disclaimer* I mean no disrespect to anyone mentioned in my posts or friends/family of the people involved. Any information used in my blogs is found on the internet or in books, and then compiled together for my posts. I do not claim the information in my post to be 100% accurate.

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Welcome to Frantasmagoria!

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the occult, true crime, conspiracies, and stories about anything unexplained. So much so it got to the point where I would tell everyone about what I had found. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to hear it. 😂

So, that's when I decided to make this blog to write about the things that have fascinated me over the years. It will be a mixture of true crime stories, conspiracy theories, paranormal experiences, and maybe even a few lifestyle posts to mix it up!

Don't let the above interests fool you though! I am a normal woman living a normal life. I live in Yorkshire with my fiance and our two cats. I enjoy reading and binge-watching Netflix. I like going on walks, seeing pretty things, makeup, and baking every now and then.

I am in no way a professional on any of the subjects I write about.

I am just someone that is genuinely interested in these topics and wants to learn more about them. Anything I write that is based on true events such as crimes or cults is all found on the internet or in books. The information I find will be compiled together for my blog posts.

Please feel free to contact me with anything you want me to write about, or even to discuss what I wrote. Any input is appreciated!

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